How To Install Webmin on Ubuntu And Send Unlimited Email

Mail Server With Webmin

In this guide i will show You How To Install Webmin on Ubuntu And Send Unlimited Email.

What is Webmin?

Webmin is a web-based interface for system administration for Unix. Using any modern web browser, you can setup user accounts, Apache, DNS, file sharing and much more.

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Vps Server

The second thing you will need is a VPS server. a public server to install & Setup SMTP.

In My Post i Am Using Digitalocean Vps Server.

Here is a list of some companies:

  1. Host wind.
  2. Contabo.
  3. Interserver.
  4. OVH.
  5. Digital Ocean*
  6. AWS 

1. Software Need


PuTTY is a free and open-source terminal emulator, serial console and network file transfer application.

2. Install Process

:-First Create a Vps Server.

  1. Go to Digitalocean And Create A Droplet
digitalocean Droplet

2. Choose an image

digitalocean Choose an image

3.Choose a plan (i am using $10 machine)

digitalocean Choose a plan

4.Choose a hostname

In Hostname Put Your Domain Name. i am Using server is sub domain.

digitalocean Choose a hostname

5.Now Click Create droplet. Few Minutes After You Receive a Email.

digitalocean email

:-Install Webmin Mail Server Using Putty

  1. First Open Putty Software And Put Your Server Ip Address.

2. Now Login as Root User And Create New Password. You Not Understand Then Watch My YouTube Video.

root login

3. Now Run This Simple Command line.

 sudo /bin/sh

After Complete installation you will see this success message:-

Now Run Your Domain & Ip Adderss With Port 10000 On Browser .


After Run This login screen will appear:

Webmin login page

Now Enter your root username and password, and log in!

Webmin Basic Configuration:-

After Webmin Login You Need To Setup Basic Configuration.

Follow These Setups. You not understand Then Watch My Youtube Video.

  • Preload Virtualmin Libraries: YES
  • Domain Lookup Server: YES
  • ClamAV Server Scanner: NO (It will use a lot of Resources, Turn On if you have a lot of CPU and RAM)
  • Spamassassin Filter: NO (It will use a lot of Resources, Turn On if you have a lot of CPU and RAM)
  • MariaDB/MySQL Server: YES
  • PostgreSQL: NO
  • MariaDB/MySQL Database Size: Medium

After Complete Basic Configuration . You have to click on the Re-Check and refresh configuration button.

Create Virtualmin Server:-

First of all you have to click on CREATE virtual server, after that you have to enter your domain end password, after that you have to enable SSl a place in the settings below and then click on CREATE.

Create Virtualmin Server
Create Virtualmin Server
Create Virtualmin Server

Create the User Account Email Address:-

We have to create a user account through which we will send the email, first of all click on the edit user, then enter the email id in the section containing the email address which is associated with your domain after doing everything. Your SMTP server is ready to send emails.

User Account Email Address

We are done! your SMTP Server is now ready.

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