How to add Additional IP Addresses In Ovh Vps

add Additional IP Addresses In Ovh Vps

OVH is a French web hosting service company founded in 1998 and headquartered in Roubaix, northern France. The company mainly provides independent servers, shared hosting, domain names and VOIP phone services. 

It is currently the largest IDC operator in Europe, and its feature is that the machine comes with high defense. Friends who are interested can search and understand by themselves. 

A few days ago, I bought a new sys (soyoustart, OVH‘s mid-terminal brand) machine, and bought an additional 28 IPs (newly purchased 16). I encountered a problem when binding the IP, because they set it wrong.

I said how I can't even bind an IP when I play with the machine. The more I play, the more I go back. Now it has been resolved, post an article to provide help to the friends behind and avoid detours.

1. Regarding the number of IPs, the host comes with 1 IP, newly purchased /28 (16) Actually 17 can be parsed and used. Before, several IPs could not be used for other purposes. Later, I found out that they had set the wrong one. Now it can be parsed normally.

2. About the method of adding IP:
(1) To add a single IP: use the following command:

cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
vi ifcfg-eth0:0
BOOTPROTO="none" # For CentOS use "static"

Just restart the network port after setting.
Restart the network command:

service network restart

Check the IP binding of the network card

ip addr show eth0

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